Ok, so I’m going to preface this with this post by saying this Low Carb Baked Coconut Shrimp may be the best thing I have EVER made in my life.  Eric agrees, this is by far his favorite dish I have ever made (he ate leftovers for breakfast because he couldn’t wait until lunch to eat them.)  I brought them in to eat for lunch and I knew my coworker, Tasha, liked coconut shrimp, but I didn’t know how much. … Read more »


So Eric and I have been wanting to do lettuce wraps for dinner for a while now and I am huge fan of the Thai beef lettuce wraps at Big Bowl.  I did a search on Pinterest for a Thai lettuce wrap and it provided me with a bunch!  Since we’ve been trying to eat less red meat, I substituted the sirloin, called for in the recipe for ground turkey.  I also changed a few of the ingredients to make… Read more »


So green beans are most definitely one of my favorite vegetables. Hands down.  I’m also a huge lover of cheese….every kind, on anything and everything, I love it all.  I typically just saute my green beans with garlic and olive oil, but when I stumbled upon this gem of a recipe, I knew I had to give it a try.  It’s super simple, requires few ingredients, and makes for a quick side. **Note: I’m one of those people who likes… Read more »


Ok, so this recipe is, hands down, one of mine and Eric’s favorite recipes found on pinterest (my coworker, Tasha also loves this recipe–I brought in leftovers after I made it the first time and she fell in love with it and has since made it a few times as well.)  Now, I’m not usually someone who likes to have sweet and spicy (or any other flavor really) mixed with each other, but this chicken is AHHHH-mazing.  It definitely has… Read more »


Hey pretties!  Ever since my mom’s Mediterranean themed surprise going away party, Eric and I have been on a huge Hummus kick.  When I saw this recipe on pinterest, I thought we should give it a try! Ingredients 4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts Salt and Pepper 2 Zucchinis sliced and halved 2 Yellow Squash sliced and halved 1 Medium Onion sliced 1 cup Red Pepper Hummus (or any other hummus you like) 2 Tbsp. Olive Oil 2 Lemons (one thinly… Read more »

Well hello, pretties! Thank you for stopping by my blog. I’m so excited to start this adventure, and am so glad you’re taking it with me! I thought I’d start by telling you a little about The Pinterest Wife, why I started it, and what you will find here. I got married a year ago today to my high school sweetheart and was thrust into a world completely unknown to me. Growing up, I was a 3 sport athlete and… Read more »