Sooo one of my all time favorite foods is sloppy joes…seriously whenever it was on the menu at DG I made sure to be there.  When I stumbled upon this gem on pinterest I knew I had to give it a try.  I’m going to apologize in advanced: Eric and I don’t use buns in our house, and the sloppy joes looked really funny on sandwich thins and my favorite way to eat sloppy joes is with chips (Special K… Read more »


  Well the chilly Minnesota weather has officially set it, and wouldn’t you know it, our furnace decided to stop working on us.  Since our house was at around 60 degrees, Eric and I were craving something to warm us up, and what better to do that than Mexican?!  Now, typically, I would make fajitas with chicken, but we’re getting a little sick of chicken and decided to do steak instead.  Feel free to sub out any meat of your… Read more »


Well, the time of year most Minnesotans dread has finally rolled in my friends.  Fall time.  I, however, am not one of those people…I love absolutely EVERYTHING about fall.  From all things pumpkin and apple, to football season, to fashion (um hello boots, leggings, and sweaters?!), to two of my favorite holidays (Halloween and Thanksgiving) and I’m even a lover of the colder, fall weather.  This weather is perfect for sitting by your fireplace with apple cider, your hubby, and… Read more »


Hey everyone, hope you had a good Sunday-funday.  We spent our day with our best friends tailgating, watching our beloved Vikes play horribly, and watching more football.  I’ve got another tailgate/hosting friendly recipe for you all and it’s AHHHHmazing.  Brownie batter dip aka heaven.  Due to the copious amounts of adult beverages that tend to be consumed while tailgating, I lightened up the recipe a bit…because lets be honest, the last thing you want is to add unnecessary calories, AND… Read more »


Hey guys!  Sorry I disappeared for a week there…I was in Canada visiting with my family and attending my cousins wedding (which was beautiful, congratulations to Fallon & Wesley D’Souza!) Any ways… the best time of year is among us–football season.  We all know what that means…tailgating and watching games.  Since Eric got a new 60″ for his birthday, we’ve been having our friends over for the games (aka I get to make appetizers and snacky things for everyone to… Read more »