Well hello there! I just realized that it’s November and I have yet to do any apple recipes for you all! Shame on me… Last year when Eric and I went apple picking, I wanted to make something with the apples we got.  I came across this recipe for skinny apple butter.  Now, I had never really been an apple butter person, but I knew that a lot of Eric’s family liked it, so I figured even if I didn’t… Read more »


Well hi there! It feels like it’s been forever since I’ve posted…I’m so sorry for neglecting you guys!  Life got totally and completely crazy and I had no time at all to post.  But I have been taking pictures of everything I’ve been making so there will definitely be lots of fun recipes to come in the very near future!  Anyways enough of my rambling…Tonight I come to you with one of the most authentic tasting skinny meals EVER!  This… Read more »


Sooo one of my all time favorite foods is sloppy joes…seriously whenever it was on the menu at DG I made sure to be there.  When I stumbled upon this gem on pinterest I knew I had to give it a try.  I’m going to apologize in advanced: Eric and I don’t use buns in our house, and the sloppy joes looked really funny on sandwich thins and my favorite way to eat sloppy joes is with chips (Special K… Read more »


Well, the time of year most Minnesotans dread has finally rolled in my friends.  Fall time.  I, however, am not one of those people…I love absolutely EVERYTHING about fall.  From all things pumpkin and apple, to football season, to fashion (um hello boots, leggings, and sweaters?!), to two of my favorite holidays (Halloween and Thanksgiving) and I’m even a lover of the colder, fall weather.  This weather is perfect for sitting by your fireplace with apple cider, your hubby, and… Read more »